Sunday, July 6, 2008


Another shoot with the NTU ACES, although this was more of a clean-up session: some graduating members of the team weren't present a couple of weeks ago.

The weather did not favour allow for an outdoor shoot, so it was back to the safe (but a tad boring) pose against white white/gray-ish backdrop wall shots.

Nevertheless, Agnes (otherwise known as 'Chip') proved to be a revelation; it took only three attempts to get the SOTD (ok ok, Shot-of-the-Day, i made it up on the fly).

Shot 1 - The basic idea

Shot 2 - Almost there, pointy toes, pointy toes!

Shot 3 - SOTD

Here's a quick 'n dirty look at the set-up:

EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM

AcuteB600 w/ Softlight Reflector White
2 x 580EXII (Background lights, Flagged)
1 x SB-80DX (Rim light, Flagged)

3 x PW Multimax, 2 x PW Plus II Radio Triggers


Rob Greer said...

I'm curious ... you're posting of photo of a minor on your blog and you don't have a model release? You mentioned that you didn't know her name--that was the giveaway.

28 Photography said...

These are university students. Perhaps they are still regarded as minors in your country.