Saturday, June 28, 2008

JT & Linda

A relatively quiet weekend allowed for some backlog to be cleared - mostly images from JT & Linda's wedding.

I've been bringing less gear for actual day shoots - you can't beat the reach or the comfort in having a telephoto or telephoto zoom at the ready on a second body, but you sure can move closer a lot quicker without that lump of glass on your shoulder.

As the second photographer I had the luxury to shoot with two lights - quick 'n dirty with two 580EXIIs, the off-camera flash being attached to a Justin clamp and triggered by the on-camera master.

It's a hit-or-miss affair more often than I would care for, but more so with regard to positioning than exposure. Times like these, the old 580EX is preferred to its Mark II replacement- switching between Master and non-wireless mode is unnecessarily painful with the latter.

Bride 'rim lit' through the veil by a second Speedlite.

A less hectic moment, here the second 580EXII provides fill.

When you're beaten to the spot by a compact wielding relative...

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