Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Serve and Volley

The synthetic hard court was baking in the morning sun by the time we arrived at NIE for a photoshoot of the men's volleyball team from NTU Hall of Residence Seven.

Sun 1 Strobe 0

It was way too glaring for anything productive and we beat a hasty retreat to the indoor gymnasium. A pity; an outdoor shoot would have been nice.

The individual portraits were taken...

Followed by a little bit of exercise...

And a quick set-up change with two flagged strobes lighting up the tallest player in the Hall 7 squad.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Concert junkie Mark Lim was at Fort Canning (again!) to cover Ash 'Live' in Singapore.

With more than decade and six albums under their belt, the group showed the crowds a rock-ly good time.

Frontman Tim Wheeler;
Mark Hamilton on bass;
Drummer Rick McMurray.

More of Mark's photos and a review of the concert at http://www.mtvasia.com/Review/Event/E20081003001710.html


28 Photography's Mark Lim was at Fort Canning on assignment from MTV Asia for the much anticipated Singapore Drumfest 2008.

There were special appearances from some of the best in the music industry, including American Idol's drummer Teddy Campbell and R&B Singer Sy Smith.

Rock maestro Magnetico, featuring Rockstar's drummer Nate Morton, guitarist Rafael Moreira also brought a lot of love to electronic music lovers.

The best of regional and local acts were also not forgetten, as Tribal Tide featuring Mohd Noor (World Latin), The Strikeforce and Wicked Aura Batucada also gave the crowd something to remember!