Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Ever since man moved that lil' hotshoe flash off the hotshoe, so began the eternal quest to find that perfect 'light' bag.

Yes, the bag that swallows 1,000 lightstands, super clamps, umbrellas, flags, magic arms and other assorted whatchamacallits.

The bag that you grab and go without packing (because its never unpacked...) and arrive on location with everything you possibly need. And then some.

In a short span of two years I have bought, sold or disposed four lightstand bags -three SLIK bags (one busted, one sold, one given away) and a Lowel (too big, sold). And the search went on.

Till today.

Boy, this bag absolutely STINKS... of quality. Porta-Brace clad this bag in rugged blue Cordura, with enough room to swallow four lightstands (or three and a tripod), miscellaneous clamps, digital transcievers... and a design that STAYS open when its supposed to be OPEN.

Yup, stays open. Look Ma, no hands!

Mine was inspected / crafted by Vicki S.

Thanks Vic - from a bunch of grateful Manfrotto lightstands... =P