Monday, July 7, 2008


Lugging a big ass strobe when shooting sports is sometimes not viable - but you still need decent flash recycle times.

Enter the Multimax's Speedcycler function, enabling sequential flash firing and consequently reducing the workload of each flash. It's a function that I've yet to use (in a meaningful way of course...)

Seat-of-the-pants testing gets me continuous half-power pops @ 2~3fps by cycling three hotshoe flashes. We'll see how this pans out in an actual shoot.

After some thought, this is an overly complicated solution - it would be much easier to add more flashes and fire them simultaneously. I suppose the Speedcycler function comes into its own say on a fashion runway when the subject moves in a predetermined fashion and lights can be placed in sequential order...

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Coffee3in1 said...

Drats, so I think 2 more AcuteB 600R?? Haha...

Thanks for the info. That's really useful.