Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A City Hall Romp

Back to shooting cheerleaders after a two-week hiatus. The subject for this Sunday morning is Yirong, a graduating member of the team and arguably the one that kick-started the photography sessions for the NTU ACES squad.

Managed to get my ass and the gear on location by eight-ish – some members of the team were putting up a performance for the SHAPE Run 2008 which meant I’ll be shooting Yee Yong around the City Hall area, post-performance.

We settled on an open space beneath the Esplanade Bridge, aka “Falun Gong corner” to those who frequent the area.

Things got off to a slow start, but the pace picked up when we moved to the old Supreme court. Here’re a few outtakes and setup shots: -

A lot of light, but not much clue... =P

Underneath the Esplanade bridge

Padang on Sunday morning - Hot, in more ways than one

All set for the nth jump

All-in-all, a productive morning and I'm pretty happy with the output.


yirong said...

maybe it will be better if chip does the shoot? =PpPpP hehe..

28 Photography said...

Haha... it's not that. I bear the responsibility for the output, not you... =P Anyway, I think the photos turned out pretty ok, even though the weather was blardee hot!

yirong said...

haha cos cant feel the 'heat' from the photos =P possible to get other photos which are not published from u?

28 Photography said...

Sure. I'll collate the photos, including the cartwheel shot. That one is a lil' wasted, but oh well... nothing ventured nothing gained... =P

yirong said...

hehe no probs~ just send me via email! or if you see me on msn.. haha..