Sunday, March 15, 2009


Sulking on the sidelines with a super telephoto lens is one (boring) way to shoot field sports, with cookie-cutter results - limited depth-of-field and tightly cropped photographs.

The M1 Women's 7s rugby carnival, held on a fine Saturday morning at the Yio Chu Kang stadium presented an ideal opportunity to try going 'wide' - but without the awkwardness of juggling multiple cameras - by installing the wide angle lenses on floor remotes.

Only problem is, with only two remote cameras to spare and a huge expanse of ground to cover, the chances of a remote camera capturing a slice of the action is... well... really remote.

Nonetheless, some 20 minutes later a portion of the field (try area) was staked out by two remote cameras, a 20D and 30D coupled with 10-22mm and 17-55mm lenses respectively.

Since it is a 7s game, well, tries should be a plenty. They just have to score in the right areas!

Out of the 90 frames captured, one of them is useable (barely): -

It's pretty much a game of patience and numbers - set up the remotes often enough and once in a while something nice should pop up.

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