Monday, December 29, 2008


2008 has been another tumultuous year on the photographic front.

Some thoughts: -

The shock waves generated by the debut of video-enabled DSLRs are slowly reverberating but have yet to hit home. Nevertheless, the transition from film to digital will pale vis-a-vis the leap from still to motion pictures.

“Strobism” is in full steam and sticking a light off-camera is getting passe.

Slowly but surely sensor sizes are converging towards 135 format. In the not too distant future, the thought of using a sensor smaller than 36mm x 24mm (or paying the obscene amounts for the privilege of using one) would be a really bad joke.

On a more personal level, Polaroids are going the way of the dinosaur – thank goodness Fuji is still in the thick of it with their excellent Instax integral film.

With that, here's looking at an exciting (for better or worse) 2009. May we all lead a more en-lighten-ed year... =D

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